Organize Your Own Cleanup

What we provide

  • What do we provide?

    1. For any cleanups, Parish Proud provides litter toolkits to assist in picking up the litter. 
      1. These include gloves, grabbers, safety vests and trash bags. 
    2. Parish Proud can also provide limited logistical support if needed. 
      1. This can include choosing a location, helping find ways to dispose of the picked-up litter, and choosing a date. 
    3. For any event, Parish Proud will provide promotions on its website and through social media. 
      1. This helps get the word out and helps you get recognition for your great work! 
    4. Parish Proud does not provide water, food, or drinks. 
      1. We ask that in an effort to conserve, you promote using a reusable water bottle. 


What you need

  1. For Parish Proud to be present on the day of the cleanup, we humbly request that you secure at least 20 volunteers for the cleanup. 
    1. If you can’t get at least 20 volunteers, Parish Proud will still provide toolkits for your private cleanup. 
    2. If Parish Proud is in attendance, we will set up tables and a tent. 
  2. Preferred location
    1. We all know of at least one location that we’d like cleaned up. Don’t hesitate to use this time to choose that space! 
  3. Proper litter cleaning attire. 
    1. Because of the nature of the work, we request that volunteers wear closed-toed shoes! We also recommend that when dealing with forested areas you wear sleeves to protect yourself and use proper sunscreen. 

Other tips

  • Stay Hydrated.

    Louisiana, as I’m sure you know, gets HOT, especially during the summer months. Make sure your volunteers are drinking lots of water, so they don’t overheat.

  • Schedule your cleanup for early in the day.

    Volunteers usually prefer early events so they have the rest of the day to themselves. Also, it usually gets hotter as the day goes on, so planning your cleanup for early in the morning is the best way to ensure that your volunteers are comfortable.

  • Make it fun!

    Litter cleanups don’t need to be long and strenuous. They can double as fun get togethers with friends and family! Maybe bring some music or compete who can pick up the most litter. After all, volunteers who have a good time are much more likely to volunteer with you again.

What else do I need to be aware of?

  • What else do I need to be aware of?

    1. We live in a place where the weather can change quickly. 
      1. Because of that Parish Proud’s policy is to cancel any event in which the chance of rain is over 45%. 
      2. That call will be made the day before the cleanup. 
      3. Depending on the amount of rain received the day before, Parish Proud may also cancel if the ground is too wet. 
    2. You may find some unsightly items while picking up. 
      1. Depending on where the cleanup is, you may come across items such as needles, drug paraphernalia, used birth control items, or dangerous substances. In these cases, we ask that you DO NOT pick these items up, rather call your local police station and ask them to assist. 
    3. What if I need to reschedule? 
      1. We understand that life isn’t always predictable! If you need to reschedule your cleanup for whatever reason we ask that you do so at least 48 hours before the event. 
      2. In case of a reschedule, please contact Parish Proud by Wednesday the following week to get your cleanup back on the calendar. 
    4. As these events take place outside, you may be in contact with various insects, snakes and other wildlife. 
      1. Take proper precautions when interacting by choosing not to interact with wildlife. 
    5. Parish Proud retains all rights to publicize videos, pictures, posts and other promotional materials. 

Large, frequently-dumped items

Some litter might be too big to pick up with a grabber and throw in a trash bag. Here are large some items you might run into during your cleanup.