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Apr 20, 2022 | Parish Proud News



Dear Parish Proud Supporter,


Next Tuesday is a pivotal day in our fight against litter. The Lafayette Consolidated Government has worked tirelessly to help change the perspectives and behaviors when it comes to our collective littering problem.

To that end, in addition to manning the 311 litter and “Report a Litterer” line, LCG is tweaking parts of the current litter ordinance to further deter littering within our community. We need YOUR help to make sure the Lafayette City Council knows how important a clean and vibrant community is to its citizens.


What is Parish Proud:

– Parish Proud is a local nonprofit centered around Quality of Place.

– Our mission is to Eliminate Litter, Encourage Beautification and Enhance Parish Pride.

– We have engaged over 1500 volunteers, facilitated the pickup of over 70,000 lbs of litter


What the Ordinance does do:

– Increases fine and community service amounts for those caught littering.

– Creates more incentives to keep our community clean.

– Creates an avenue in which any municipality in the parish can enforce the ordinance.


What it does not do:

– Throws someone in jail for littering on first or second convicted offense.

– Instills an unfollowable process for government workers.

– Establishes a litter court.


What can you do:

– Come to the Lafayette Consolidated Government meeting on 2/15/2022 as a show of support.

– Sign a blue card offering support.

– Call the LCG council office voicing support. (Phone 337-291-8800)

– Email council members in support of this ordinance. (See below)


What we are doing:

– Parish Proud will be speaking in favor of this ordinance at the mentioned LCG meeting. We would love to hear your voice joined with ours.


Talking Points:

– 9 billion tons of trash makes its way into our oceans each year

– $11.5 billion is spent on cleaning up litter annually.

– Litter clogs up drains (causing flooding issues) causes health issues, and directly effects the economy.

– Litter directly effects property values.


Why this ordinance is important:

– Studies into “Don’t Mess with Texas” prove that enforcement is a successful deterrent

– Ordinance was introduced on January 15, 2022

– Ordinance was deferred on February 5, 2022, another deferral could kill it.


Thank you for your support of Parish Proud!

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