Parish Proud and Wonderland Performing Arts Announce The Swamp Monster Showing and Button Contest

Oct 8, 2020 | Press

Teaming up to inspire a little more pride within our community, Parish Proud and Wonderland Performing Arts stand ready to unleash The Swamp Monster to Lafayette. 

The play, created and produced by Wonderland Performing Arts, features the horrible incarnation of what litter can do to our sense of place and how it affects our lives. Wonderland’s talented students dazzle on the screen, bringing some much-needed joy to 2020. 

In addition to The Swamp Monster show, the two organizations will announce an art contest for the children of Lafayette to enter in. The contest asks children to create their own litter filled Swamp Monster using their imaginations. The winner selected and featured on the Parish Proud annual button for 2021. 

“Wonderland is PROUD of Acadiana, and we are here to help keep it beautiful! We are thrilled to partner with Parish Proud & inspire people to be creative, share their talents, enjoy the arts, and help take care of this unique place we call home.” Allison Brandon, President and Founder of Wonderland Performing Arts, said, “Let’s get rid of the Swamp Monster together!”

Tickets for the event can be purchased at wonderland.booktix.com and cost $15.00. A portion of the proceeds from every ticket sold will go to Parish Proud to help the organization equip Lafayette with the means to eliminate litter across our city. 

The Swamp Monster’s first virtual showing is Oct. 18 at 3 p.m. For those who missed the first showing, or want to see Parish Proud and Wonderland pick the contest winner, check out the second showing on Nov. 8. All artwork for the contest is due on Nov. 6 and contest details will be shared at the end of the first showing and across social media channels. 

by | Oct 8, 2020