Parish Proud Announces #PickUpLFT

Jul 28, 2020 | PickUpLFT, Press

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Parish Proud invites Lafayette Parish citizens to pick up litter where they see it through a new initiative entitled #PickUpLFT.
The initiative, which launches today, aims to equip citizens with the tools they need to safely pick up litter when and where they want to. These toolkits, purchased and distributed by Parish Proud, provide citizens who want to help, but perhaps are apprehensive about trash, a safe and free way to do so.

“We’re supplying citizens with vests, gloves and litter grabbers,” Executive Director of Parish Proud, Katy Dupre said. “With COVID-19 still putting a damper on larger litter pickup events around the Parish, we’re hoping #PickUpLFT helps citizens and their families to get out there and pick up around our community.”

While the primary goal of #PickUpLFT is to encourage individuals to pick up litter when and where they can, it also inspires others to take action through leveraging social media. Toolkit participants who post pictures of their efforts to social media, use the appropriate hashtag and highlight their litter toolkits will be entered to win gift cards from locally owned and operated businesses as prizes.

“We want to reward those getting out there and putting in the effort to show the pride they feel,” Dupre said. “While volunteerism is rewarding in itself, we also wanted to show our pride and support for local businesses. It’s also nice to recognize our supporters for doing good and being #ParishProud.”

According to a survey conducted by Keep America Beautiful, their findings conclude that the mere presence of litter within a broader community could decrease property values by 7%.

“When a place is littered and cluttered with debris, it’s difficult to attract talent, business and investment.” Dupre said. “It suggests that we don’t take pride in our community or what it looks like”.

For more information on how Lafayette Parish citizens can get a toolkit, visit Parish Proud’s Facebook page and fill out the toolkit request form which is pinned to the top of the page and also located in the “about us” section. Those that already have toolkits should check their email for our most recent communication regarding this initiative.

“We’re delivering these kits straight to your door!” Dupre said. “We want to make it as easy as possible for citizens to be Parish Proud and together, #PickUpLFT.”

by | Jul 28, 2020