Parish Proud issues call for civic good across Lafayette

Sep 28, 2020 | Press

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Parish Proud is a local civic organization focused on improving the quality of place across Lafayette Parish. The organization is issuing an October challenge to all families, organizations, and community leaders to step up and complete one small beautification or neighborhood pride action each week for the month of October.

Wanting to make it as easy as possible for more people to complete small but impactful acts, Parish Proud is taking to social media and asking you to share your own feel-good stories. Specifically, by sharing photos on Facebook and/or Instagram of your efforts using the #PickUpLFT social tag.

“Communities across the country all need a little pick-me-up, and south Louisiana in particular could use a few feel-good stories. Complete these acts with your family, your community and everyone in between. Parish Proud hopes that together we make a real effort to add beauty and character to Lafayette during the month of October,” said Katy Dupre, Executive Director of Parish Proud.

Small Acts include but are not limited to:
• Safely picking up litter around your home, business or neighborhood park.
• Edging your neighborhood’s overgrown sidewalks and curbs.
• Safely sweeping/picking up road debris when accessible
• Mowing an overgrown lot or yard
• Restriping your business’s parking lot
• Offering to help with landscaping around neighborhood entryways or school campuses
• Making every effort to not litter (including cigarette butts)
• Commissioning a local artist to paint a mural on a building or fence
• Waving to all your neighbors, each time you see them

“The goal? Do what you can, when you can, to make more people smile and enhance our
community’s landscape,” Dupre said.

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