Parish Proud Sponsors Volunteer Center

Aug 5, 2020 | Press

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Parish Proud is thrilled to announce that they are the proud sponsor of United Way of
Acadiana’s Volunteer Center digital platform. The platform is volunteer management software
which makes it easier and quicker for Lafayette’s volunteers to connect with service
opportunities that improve our community.

The software aligns volunteers and service-based not-for-profits with needs and
interests. It helps bridge the gap between people wanting to give back and those organizations
in need of volunteers. It also helps streamline the registration process, event planning and
communication options, making volunteerism accessible and fun for the whole community!

“Both United Way and Parish Proud recognized a need and pathway forward to fill a
major gap in our community’s volunteerism needs.” Parish Proud Executive Director, Katy
Dupre, said, “As result-oriented organizations, this collaboration can transform what
volunteerism looks like in Acadiana. We can use tech-for-good and leverage strong partnerships
to help meet our goals.”

“We are grateful to Parish Proud for its collaboration and sponsorship of the new phase
of the Volunteer Center,” said United Way of Acadiana’s President/CEO Carlee Alm-LaBar.
“This is just the next step in a partnership that recognizes the need for connection of volunteer
to opportunities.”

According to, more than 929,000 citizens of Louisiana
participated in a volunteer event last year. Those numbers totaled 81.1 million hours of service
across the state with a $1.8 million estimated economic value. Parish Proud hopes that with
increased participation from Acadiana’s volunteers, those numbers will grow even higher in the
years to come.

The platform currently features volunteer asks for the weekly food drives hosted by
United Way of Acadiana. Organizations can share specific needs and expectations with
interested volunteers so everyone is aware of what is needed, when and where, and how to
best prepare!

“Lafayette hasn’t seen managed volunteer mobilization on this level before,” Dupre said,
“Parish Proud could not be more excited to see the work that sparks from this movement.”

If you’d like to learn more about the Volunteer Center and ways that you can connect
with Parish Proud visit the Parish Proud Volunteer Center page here.

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