Parish Proud Ambassadors

Do you have what it takes to make a difference in your community?

“I’ve been asked, ‘How much good can one person do?'” My reply: I’ll show you. I know we can come together and create a place that we’re proud to call home. 

Chris Arceneaux

Golf Pro, Lafayette Municipal Golf Course

Ambassadors in Action

What does a Parish Proud Ambassador do?

Parish Proud Ambassadors act as liaisons to their area, inspiring and collaborating with others to create an impact where they live.

No one knows your area better than you do. You know its wants and needs! Through our Ambassador program, we will give you the tools to make that a reality.

Who are my Ambassadors?

Anyone wanting to take a leadership role in their immediate area can be a Parish Proud Ambassador. 

Parish Proud is piloting this program in 2021 and looks forward to opening this up to the Acadiana region in the future!


Who are the current Parish Proud Ambassadors?

Currently, our Ambassadors range from neighborhood leaders all the way to professional athletes and nonprofit leaders.