Scott and Carencro: Volunteer Ready

Feb 16, 2023 | Placemaking Acadiana

The city of Scott and Carencro are rich in the volunteer spirit.

With spring and sunshine comes more volunteer opportunities to get out and leave Acadiana better than we found it.

But what does that look like? What does volunteerism mean for a community?

“Volunteerism is servant leadership at its finest. The City of Scott is forever grateful to all of those in our community and parish who value giving back when there is no compensation.  Leading by giving back is not only fulfilling but so rewarding.” Jan Scott-Richard, Mayor of Scott, said.

Speaking of Scott, volunteers can kick off the Earth month celebrations with Scott, Parish Proud, and other organizations by signing up for Sweep Scott on April 1, 2023. Volunteers that day will remove trash from the streets and mulch trees and engage in placemaking activities.

What does placemaking mean? Placemaking puts the community in the driver’s seat of public spaces. It considers what citizens envision for their community and brings together partners to make that happen. It sparks a connection. It sparks civic pride. It sparks a new level of care for the public spaces around us.

Parish Proud started their placemaking experiments with Carencro High School in June 2022. After meeting with the Carencro High Principal, the Lafayette Parish School System, local government members, and local citizens, they formed a change plan with volunteers at the head.

“Volunteerism is the heart and soul of the City of Carencro. Volunteers are involved in so many wonderful parts of Carencro, from Youth Sports to our Mardi Gras Parade. Carencro is blessed with wonderful people who find happiness helping others.” Mayor Charlotte Clavier said.

The day itself brought a brutal heat, but together with partners United Way of Acadiana and Love Our Schools and presenting sponsor Cox – volunteers built gardens, mulched, and painted the proud CHS letters – making a huge difference students could see with their own eyes.

“At COX, we always love to give our time to volunteer and are excited to see the way Carencro High School’s campus looks now.” Tracy Wirtz, Public/Media Relations Manager with COX said at the event.

Though 160 volunteers showed up at Carencro High, placemaking can happen at any time on any scale with enough passion. Picking up litter, raising a canopy, planting new spring flowers – these efforts collectively drive us forward.

To learn how you can directly impact your community through volunteerism, visit the Parish Proud website at www.ParishProud.org

by | Feb 16, 2023