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We Need to Tip the Scale so that:

MORE people are an active part of the solution

  • More people removing more litter more frequently in more areas AND

FEWER people are an active part of the problem

  • LitterING behaviors become too costly which ultimately force a change in behaviors AND

ZERO people are a passive part of the problem

  • LitterERS start to proactively change their behaviors because they care about what their community looks like.

It’s a complicated system which requires systematic changes.

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The Lafayette Garden Club’s anti-litter poster contest is back

The Lafayette Garden Club, Parish Proud, LCG, and the Bayou Vermilion Preservation Association are holding their anti-litter poster contest again this year! Find out how students at your local high schools can help promote beautification in Lafayette Parish!

Do you recycle your political signage after election day?

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Parish Proud issues call for civic good across Lafayette

Parish Proud is a local civic organization focused on improving the quality of place across Lafayette Parish. The organization is issuing an October challenge to all families, organizations, and community leaders to step up and complete one small beautification or...

International Coastal Cleanup Day

LAFAYETTE ORGANIZATIONS TO TAKE PART IN INTERNATIONAL COASTAL CLEANUP DAY Parish Proud and United Way of Acadiana are happy to partner with the Coastal Wetlands Planning Protection and Restoration Act, TECHE Project, Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, Bayou...

Parish Proud Sponsors Volunteer Center

Read more about the brand new Galaxy Digital Get Connected Volunteer Center and Parish Proud’s partnership with the United Way of Acadiana.

Parish Proud Announces #PickUpLFT

Parish Proud announces #PickUpLFT initiative. Join in on the action today!

Tips for Using Your Parish Proud Toolkit for #PickUpLFT

Having the appropriate tools to pick up litter can make all the difference!

Day of Action Brings Fun to Litter Clean-ups

Who knew that picking up litter could be so fun? Read more about the Day of Action 2020 and how Parish Proud helped clean up Lafayette from intern Sophia Davis.

Stuller Family Foundation Picks up Litter Regularly

Author: Brit Barbier Beginning January of this year, a group of us affiliated with the Stuller Family Foundation decided to “Embrace This Space” and dedicate a few hours each month to picking up litter on LaFlamme Rd. in Broussard.  The first month was a nightmare of...