Tips for Using Your Parish Proud Toolkit for #PickUpLFT

Jul 21, 2020 | PickUpLFT, Tips and Tricks

3 Ways to Use Your Parish Proud Tool-Kits 


The most important thing to remember is practice social distancing and always wear appropriate protective gear, like the gloves you were provided during the Day of Action. 


Read more about “Safely Picking Litter Up During COVID”


Having the appropriate tools to pick up litter can make all the difference! So, here are three fun and easy ways to use your tool-kits:

  • Take it with you on your daily walk/run


We all have our daily routines. If you’re someone who takes morning or evening walks around your neighborhood, we have the perfect idea for you! Make it a habit to bring your tool-kit on those walks around the block. 

  • When you walk your dog, bring your tool-kit along. Add some flair and switch up the route so both you and your dog are extra excited for those walks. 
  • Go Plogging


  • Have it handy when you’re running errands


How often do you see litter in a parking lot and think “someone should really pick that up…”?  If you have your tool-kit in your car, it makes it safe and easy to pick up those few scattered pieces before they clog our drainage system and pollute our waterways. Plus, “Doing Good” is contagious! Let’s start leading by example and doing as we want others to do.


  • Make it a friendly competition with family and friends!


Lots of things are more fun with friends and family! Encourage your kids, neighbors, friends, and family to #PickUpLFT and help make our community a cleaner, better place to live. 

  • Challenge your kids to see which one of them can pick up the most litter 
    • On your block
    • Around your church
    • At the park
  • Compete in Parish Proud’s weekly #PickUpLFT challenge for a chance to win a $50 gift card to a locally owned and operated business establishment! 


In doing so, you are reducing litter cleanup costs, protecting wildlife, waterways, and ecosystems, as well as keeping your community beautiful!

by | Jul 21, 2020