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Current Priority: Visual Pollution. 

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Let us know which Quality of Place issue you want to see a measurable, meaningful and noticeable difference in Lafayette Parish by completing our community survey. 

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Parish Proud is dedicated to improving the Quality of Place across Lafayette Parish and within its incorporated areas. We do this by equipping stakeholders with resources that help build their capacity to transform the pride we feel into pride we see

With a vision of Lafayette Parish being a thriving and vibrant place for both residents and visitors, Parish Proud works collaboratively with public and private partners to minimize visual pollution and optimize visual vibrancy.

Parish Proud wants everyone to be proud of their home! In order to do that, we need to better understand how everyone currently perceives it.  What makes you feel pride for our community and what doesn’t? Perhaps there are things that make you feel a bit embarrassed. We want to better understand all of these things!

Describe your vision to help point us towards a more vibrant and thriving future. Together, we can create a parish everyone can be proud to call home and excited to express that pride in action!


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Looking for More Info on Litter?

Stuller Family Foundation Picks up Litter Regularly

Author: Brit Barbier Beginning January of this year, a group of us affiliated with the Stuller Family Foundation decided to “Embrace This Space” and dedicate a few hours each month to picking up litter on LaFlamme Rd. in Broussard.  The first month was a nightmare of...

Day of Action Brings Fun to Litter Clean-ups

Who knew that picking up litter could be so fun? Read more about the Day of Action 2020 and how Parish Proud helped clean up Lafayette from intern Sophia Davis.

“Boomerang” talent to direct the Stuller Family Foundation and lead Parish Proud, a parish-wide beautification campaign!

The Stuller Family Foundation and​ ​Parish Proud​ have announced the selection of ​Katy Dupre​ as the organization’s Executive Director. She will start this new position in May 2020.